Principal's Message

Dear Thornton Community,

The faculty and staff at Thornton Elementary are busy getting prepared for August 30th!  On the first day, faculty and staff will greet the students in the schoolyard beginning at 8:50 AM.  Bus students will be escorted to the schoolyard from the buses.  The students will report to the standing areas for their grade level, which will be marked by signs and balloons.  The Grade 1 students will stand near the modular where helping faculty and staff will lead them to their class lines.  Grades 2, 3 and 4 will be near the fence and Grade 5 students will be in the picnic table area. 

At 9:10 AM, teachers will divide the students into their appropriate classes and all students will proceed to their classrooms to order lunches and get ready for the day.  I will remain in the schoolyard for any questions.

We look forward to beginning the school year with enthusiasm and high expectations as we work as a team with parents to support students in growing socially, emotionally and academically. 


Mrs. Denham


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