Principal's Message

Message from Mrs. Denham:

It’s great to have children back in the halls of Thornton!  Our PAWS behavior incentive program expects everyone to “Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Ready and Be Safe”.  The RI Department of Education is teaming up with the district to focus on consist attendance.  Along with you, our goal is to support students socially, emotionally, and academically. 


Are you familiar with our website? The Johnston Public School website contains information such as the school calendar and the Elementary School Handbook which explains the policy of attendance, gives reminders of important dates, etc.  You can find the information on the “Student/Parent” tab.  In addition, the website keeps you up to date and informed about district news and events. Thornton School also has a website – check it out on the “Schools” tab.


The Thornton Community Closet (TCC) is, once again, stocking shelves with canned/dry goods to support our families.  Please contribute by sending in canned/dry goods or taking them when you attend meetings or conferences at Thornton. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


Please consider volunteering to support the PTO in sponsoring events for the students and their families.  Everyone doing a little – accomplishes a lot!



 Student safety is a priority especially for arrivals and dismissals

Students can enter school at 8:50 AM when adults are here to monitor them.

  • Students need to be signed in by an adult when they arrive past 9:10 AM.Please do not drop them off.
  • A Change in Dismissal, namely bus students being a walker, needs a parent/guardian note to the office.Please note that First Student will not honor day-to-day changes in pick-up and drop off stops.


Ms. Denham                                                Email:

Principal                                                      Phone:  (401) 943-7369



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