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Thornton Elementary School Title I School Wide Plan





PLP- Personal Literacy Plan- A plan that is written for any student that is reading a year or more below grade level.  The plan is created with a specific reading goal to monitor the students’ growth in a particular area.  Additional interventions may be used in order to find success in developing the students reading skills.

IEP- Individualized Education Plan-  A plan that is created for a student who has a disability to meet the students specific educational, physical and social needs.   The plan and progress is closely monitored.

RTI- Response to Intervention - Helping all children to be successful and excel in the classroom is a goal of every school and the hope of every concerned parent.  In order to ensure that all children are supported and thriving in their classroom, there is a growing, federally initiated effort in schools to quickly determine supports for students who are demonstrating an area of need.  This process is called Response to Intervention or RTI.  RTI supports the experts in the school as they determine, implement, monitor,  and support the specific needs of the student.  RTI ensures that the child's needs are addressed quickly, with proven, researched-based teaching strategies and interventions.  These supports are put into place to prevent the student from falling behind.

RAMP UP-  Grant funded –focus changes based on the grant-  The students who receive Ramp up  supports are determined based on the focal group of the specific grant that may change from trimester to trimester or year to year.  If a child qualifies under the specific grant, the parent or guardians would be individually invited to participate.

TITLE   1 Reading-  Also grant funded.  Extra reading support that is offered to specific students who qualify for such services.  

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